Ancient Egyptian Link

Ancient Egyptian Link
Author/Photographer: Julian Pardo


What is all this about.

Since there were no other means of transportation than walking on foot, riding horses and navigating on small sailboats were the only available resources during the Pharaonic period. Makes hard and audacious to say that many thousands of years ago, Ancient Egyptians as a nation, had traveled Around the World to reach as far as South America. However, there are so many, so called COINCIDENCES that point out that many ideas and concepts forged in Egypt, without a doubt, had to have been brought there.

Because various civilizations have flourished later in all the World, where can be found, abundant Ancient Egyptian Civilization cultural traits. Indeed, not only elemental design coincidences but elaborate ideas originated from much-complicated concepts. Thus, significant features that enormously outpaces the Law of Probabilities.

Most probably because it is not taken into consideration that investigation, adventure, trade or need to emigrate, it makes people set off towards the unknown without much hesitation, even aware that there is no way back. Hence, likely were those the most indicated people that did carry the information from Egypt to other far away places hat today seems unbelievable.

Furthermore, from the time when those individuals left their original place, with such valuable information kept in secret, and only transmitted by word of mouth and temporary designs. Then, also, should be taken into consideration that the symbolic figures that had to be used to transfer this knowledge were figure drew from the local flora, fauna.
Thus, as the ambiance changes with distances and time, so does the type of animals and plants, which forces to use similar or alike substitutes, but certainly not the same, which make differences as well.

Because new ideas, can take thousands of years to hatch and mature, those ideas or concepts also must have had picked up additional folklore. Which, it is another imponderable that makes it harder to see its fundamental traits. However, they are points that open a path towards a Cultural Link option, and to understand why is? That being there so many of these occurrences, they are mistakenly taken to be pure coincidences, instead of being considered as evidence.

Therefore, the motive of this site is to divulge as many possible facts about this matter and make aware the general public and scientists in this field to give a second thought in this area.

Ancient Egypt Link