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Wat Phu khao Thong Ayutaya Tailand

Although, Wat Phu Khao Tong was built a few thousand later that the Great Pyramids, it maintains the basics structure of a Pyramid Idea.


A detail in the Wat (temple) Phu Khao Thong in Ayutthaya that explains the principalof the structure. .

The internal of smaller similar temple’ building structure at the side of the Temple in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Apparently, it seems to be some kind of the temple’s model, whose set up it is much like the Egyptian Pyramids assembly. However, even still maintains the square wall surrounding the pyramid, remaining of its original role as a solar clock like a Pyramidon.


As this structure is side by side, can also be appreciated that it has a correspondence concerning the structural terraces with the building in the background.

The external look of this temple has changed with time and additional concepts and even so that the Stone blocks, have been replaced by bricks. Motherless, the principal of structures, continue the same.


Wat (temple) Phu Khao Thong viewed from the front side.

Nonetheless, this temple and others alike when viewed from the front side, clearly present its structural terraces that look like an Egyptian Step Pyramid, but at the same time done small platforms like a Tue Pyramid and as well show a Niche on top like mastabas do.

Hence, as the time has elapsed by thousands of years and ideas and concepts and trends do change with time, numerous external additional decorative details and items have been added, which, without question this monument do offer a different visual sensation. But, remains the same or very similar idea concerning some kind of beneficial Sky or Heavenly communication, which endows this building.

Ayutaya Pyramid Thailand

A complete side view of the Thailand’s Ayutthaya Wat (temple) Phu Khao Thong.

Since this temple was done thousands of years later, the final product looks much different. Obviously, as it has a sigh, which appears to be different than a pyramid. Nonetheless, their structures are same and most probably its functions must be alike, which indicates that the Pyramids were not just Royal Toms but Temples, as well; even so that the meaning and services of a Temple have drastically changed considerably beyond its appearances during that elapsed period of time.

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